African Music Performance

On February 10, 2017 IAS welcomed, professional musician, Buba Kuyateh. Buba comes from a family of "Griots" from Gambia, Africa.

 Traditionally, Griots are historians, storytellers, praise singers, poets and/or musicians. They are very important to West African culture, because they inform people of current events such as births, deaths, marriages, battles, hunts, affairs, and hundreds of other things, simultaneously preserving their people's history. For hundreds of years, Griots have been contributing to the spoken word tradition.   

Dressed in traditional Gambian clothing, Buba Kuyateh, visited both the small and big school. He spoke to our students about his culture and traditions, as well as the Kora, an African harp, which he later played. Students and teachers were entranced with Buba's stories, music and songs. Buba's peaceful, almost meditative concert was a wonderful way to send the students off for winter break and conclude the African month festivities. We hope to welcome Buba back again!

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African Musical Festival