French Trip to Montpellier

French teacher Rabi Chibani and his students just returned from an educational trip to Montpellier, a beautiful quaint city on the coast of France. Students were hosted by local families, who met them at the airport. Some students got to live with family pets and even children their age!

The families were all hospitable and served tons of delicious pastries and fromages that were all made in Montpellier.

On the first day, students toured the city's charming shops and cafés scattered around different streets. They noted the beautiful architecture with many fountains and monuments and tasted delicious French croissants!

On the second day, school began! Students studied at the French Institute, which was surprisingly fun! The teacher was extremely energetic and loved what he did. After the lessons, students had the afternoon for lunch and a leisurely walk around Montpellier.

Students saw the Odysseum and Polygonne, two shopping malls in the center. Students also had a guided trip around Montpellier where they discovered the history behind the city and its architecture.

At the close of the trip, students passed a short exam at the institute and earned their week's diploma. Everyone improved their skills greatly, learned the local culture, and couldn’t be happier about a week in the French sun. We thank Mr. Chibani for creating this fulfilling experience!

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