Language Trip to the UK

The trip was a perfect opportunity to develop our students' speaking skills as not only did they have regular classes in a well-established Brighton Language College every day, but they also stayed with British families.

Thus having a chance to pick up some British slang and getting to know the homestay families' children. Our students got back from the language trip to the UK organized by our ESL teachers Miss Magda Mierzwa and Miss Lydia Rice. The weather was perfect and all students had a real blast. After classes, they took part in many different trips organized by the college such as a trip to the beautiful cliffs known as Seven Sisters, a trip to Brighton i360 Tower with breathtaking views of the whole city of Brighton or a trip to the Royal Pavillion, the most famous Brighton landmark and the former royal  residence of George IV. The trip that the students enjoyed the most was a visit to the Brighton Pier where there was also a theme park with rollercoasters, bumper cars and log flume.

Then, in the evening some more activities were organized by the trip leaders, Miss Magda and Miss Lydia. Among many others, the students went to an escape room to solve the mystery of the Brighton pier murder. The students also went bowling, played in the arcades and -the students' favorite- they went go-karting to the professional speed circuit. They were given professional uniforms, gloves and helmets and they chased each other around the whole circuit. The students loved the experience!
In addition, a day before the departure the students went on a day trip to London where they got to see all the famous sights such as Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Soho, St James' Park, Leicester Square, Downing Street and Buckingham Palace, where they were even lucky enough to see the changing of the guard! Everybody took a lot of pictures and enjoyed a stroll across Hyde Park too. In the afternoon, Miss Lydia's group of younger students left early back for Brighton for a farewell dinner with their homestay families and Miss Magda's group went shopping in the Oxford Street area and also to the Platform 9 and 3/4 in the Charing's Cross Station to catch the Hogwart's Express ;-)

Thanks our lovely ESL co-ordinators for making this educational and inspiring experience happen!

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