Welcome Letter for the 2017/2018 Academic Year

As we look forward to Tuesday and seeing all the new and familiar faces, let’s review some of the important information for the first days of school:

Dear IAS Students, Teachers, Parents, Family, and Friends,
Opening Ceremony – Monday, September 4th, 2017
After opening remarks from the administration, homeroom teachers will meet with students and parents from their homeroom class. Teachers will distribute and review all relevant information for the school year including the behaviour policy, school calendar, a class schedule and a list of required materials.  Parents will also have the opportunity to make payments and purchase books.  The schedule will look like this:
Dembego 12 (Pre-K – 4)        Start   10:00  Opening Remarks
                                                           10:30  Meeting with homeroom teachers
                                                           11:00  New Student orientation in KG room
Dembego 18 (5 – 12)              Start 11:00  Opening Remarks
                                                          11:30  Meeting with homeroom teachers
                                                          12:00  New Student orientation in cafeteria

The First Week of School
During the first week of school, teachers will be reviewing class expectations, procedures, routines, required materials and class syllabi with the students. Students will be informed of club options, run for student council and get acquainted with the school-wide attendance and behavior plan.
Registration Period
Registration time will take place daily from 8:30 - 8:43 a.m in Dembego 18 (5th-12th grade). During this time, students will hear important information, have attendance taken, hold class president speeches and elections, and listen to school announcements and the IAS Radio Show.  Lessons in Dembego 12 (PreK-4th) will begin promptly at 8:30 every day.
Weekly Bulletin
We will continue to increase our communication with parents by sending the weekly bulletin via email to the entire IAS community informing about the upcoming week’s schedule including field trips, parent meetings, and school-wide events. Please check emails from the school every Friday afternoon to see the upcoming week’s schedule.  If you are not receiving the bulletins, please inform secretary@ias.edu.pl. Teachers from grades PreK-3rdwill also be sending a Class Newsletter via email every 2 weeks to inform parents of the exciting happenings in their classrooms.
The calendar for the 2017-2018 school year may be found at http://www.ias.edu.pl/en/calendar. It can also be uploaded to your electronic devices using the GoogleCal or iCal link.
After School Club/ Swietlica 
The Swietlica program for all students in the PreK-4th grades. Dembego 12 will be open from 7:30 to 17:00 so that parents may have more flexibility in picking up and dropping off their child/children. The morning and after school program is at no extra charge to parents and will include games, art projects and homework time.
Students will have the opportunity to buy new books from the school secretary in the main office and collect them using the receipt of purchase for grades PreK - 12 from the book store. Book store hours and price lists will be handed out on Monday, September 4th.
Any parents who require transport for their children should please contact Mr. Ceesay through the school. Telephone numbers of all drivers will be given, and all pick-up times will be provided by the drivers after the route is fixed. Parents will be called about pick-up times and locations by the drivers after orientation on the afternoon of Monday, September 4th.
Our new caterer for this academic year is Best Katering Sp. Z.O.O. Payments and management of meals will be much easier because all of this can be don online. More information will be available on the first day of school and further details can be found here: http://ias.edu.pl/en/54/Services/Catering
Now that you know all of these things we are here and ready to help you all get settled into the IAS Community.