11th Grade Biology Laboratory Trip

On the 21st of October, a few IAS students from 11th and 12th grades went to Gdynia on Explory week , where they participated in two experiments. The students learned about the precision required to conduct such experiments, and how to behave in a laboratory environment.

The biology experiment was about isolating bacterial plasmids. There are many layers protecting the plasmids, from the cell wall of the bacteria to the plasma membrane. Different chemicals had to be used to break down each layer, and only then could the plasmids be isolated. Then, gel electrophoresis was used to separate the plasmids.
The chemistry experiment was about thin layer chromatography. The general idea behind it is that different sizes of particles will move to different areas on a plate. The actual experiment had many steps, and it was pretty intimidating when the students opened up the papers with the instructions, but as the students worked, they found it extremely fun.
While the experiments relied a lot on individual work, the group found themselves bonding together rather than splitting off into different groups. 
Despite to tight schedule we also find time on sightseeing and fun!