IAS Christmas Play 2017

We're very happy to announce that the filmed version of the 2017 IAS Christmas Play, "How the Narrator (Almost) Stole Christmas" is now uploaded and available for all to watch on our school's Youtube channel.

The play could not have happened without the invaluable contributions of the following people:

Anna Teytel: Director, Dancer

Bonnie Murphy: Writer, Narrator

Julia Maria Chruszcz: Writer, Gertrude

Jan Kwasniak: Ned

Adam Elshafei: Zlateh

Klara Matuszewska: Martha May

Riley Gouws: Grinch

Aslihan Yilmaz: Luna Dima

Lavai: Main dancer

Deniz Erkosar: Dancer, Candy

Dominika Domaniecka: Kate

Pranit Karira: Bartender

Ediz Erkosa: Dancer Oleg Kryvosheia: Dancer

Jade Martin: Set background drawings

Vedant Harwani: Backtage, Reporter

Pola Banecka: Makeup and Costumes

Ania Gutkowska: Makeup and Costumes

Izabela Mieszczanska: Sandy, Grease

Matthew Krasner: Danny, Grease

Mr. Mehdi: Films, Technical Support Bravo, Bravo!

To all involved, thank you…take your final bows!