Francophonie Day

Yesterday the 8th graders and their French teacher Mr. Parpex Benjamin were invited to the Canadian school to hold a presentation about some of the largest French speaking cities in the world to celebrate the Francophonie day.

Each student of the 8th grade presented: Montreal (North America),Paris (Europe),Dakar (Africa) and Bora Bora (Oceania). They had to make their presentation in front of +100 kids of the Canadian School. During the afternoon they went to the small school to play French games (prepared by our students), read books to the young learners and sing in French . The pupils of the Canadian school were extremely pleased to welcome us and fell honoured by the work made by our students. The 23th of May we will welcome in our school the 8th graders of the Canadian school as part of our Francophonie day. 

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