Language exchange with the Lycee Francais de Varsovie

Tuesday the 11th of April Mr. Benjamin and his students from 10th and 11th grades went to the Lycee Francais of Warsaw in order to practice their French with young natives from their age.

During the morning a speed-dating took place in the school where the students had to exchange in French to get to know each other. Then our students helped the French pupils to practice their English during the same activity.   During lunch break, we had the pleasure to share a meal all together. The students could continue to discuss and start to make some friendship.

During the afternoon students in both schools delivered presentations in French/English about the largest French speaking cities in the world for the IAS students and about alimentation /food for the students of Lycee Francais de Varsovie.    Our students already look forward to meeting their new friends in October 2018 to continue the language exchange with them. To be continued...  

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