Apply to IAS today

Welcome to the International American School of Warsaw's on-line application system. We hope the next steps will make your application process easier.

* Fill out the information below.

* Provide a passport photo for the child.

* Provide educational documentation for the last two years by sending to . Such documentation includes school certificates, transcripts and relevant test results. If you have more than 4 attachments, zip / compress them to one file.

The order of applications decides about admission to school. 

If there are no places in the given classroom, I will be waiting for you.  

Registration will be confirmed after receipt of PLN 4,000. More information on the subject of the subpage about costs.

Records of new students continue throughout the school year.

In addition to the online application, the parents must complete one of the following contact insurance,

* Contract - primary school: PreKG - class 6

* Contract - Middle school: grades 7-9

* Contract - High school: classes 10-12

A copy of the contract can be sent directly to the school office or sent by e-mail to:

The education contract must be completed for