Cancer Awareness Charity Basketball Tournament in Wrocław

Our Middle School ladies attended and played at a Basketball Tournament in Wrocław. The game was held for a great and serious cause. Raising money for Cancer. Our girls went to Wrocław, played in the tournament and also had the opportunity to sight-see the city.

A half-page article by our Student Journalist Linda Murphy on the Tournament in Wrocław.

Hooping it up... for a cause by Linda Murphy

On March 14-16, girls from grades 6-8 participated in a middle school basketball tournament in Wrocław. They did not do this only for sport, as the event’s main goal was to raise money for children suffering from cancer. Organizers managed to raise 10,000 złoty for the Children’s Hospice in Wrocław—that’s called “hooping it up”. The IAS team consisted of Sudi Kim, Oliwia Radomska, Cloe Zinn, Maria Larsen, Shikha Gianchadani, Marianna Olbrych, Ania Gutkowska and Pola Benecka (team photographer!). They were led by coach Maciek and were given a tour of the city while there. I had a chance to speak with Maria who told me the group enjoyed themselves very much. She mentioned that they did not score the highest total of points, but it didn’t matter because the cause was the objective. It’s great to see IAS students making an effort to participate in events that are both fun and difference making. May this trend continue, and let us all do our part to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Great job girls!