Bring Your Own Water Bottle Policy 2018-19

This year, IAS is making changes to decrease its negative impact on the environment. In years past, students who wished to drink from the water stations in school used available plastic cups. These cups were then discarded after one drink.

Dear Parents and Guardians:

 By the end of the day, especially during warm weather, the water stations were covered in used cups. IAS was throwing away perhaps as many as 200-300 cups per day. Obviously, we can do better than this.
The following policy will be in place starting from September 2nd 2018:

  • Students who wish to drink from the public water stations in school should bring their own reuseable water container.
  • Students should write their name on the water container and keep stored in their locker.
  • Students will be able to bring their water container into the classroom throughout the day, for the purpose of drinking water only.

We believe these changes align with our educational aims to develop responsible citizens of a global community. The policy also aligns with teachings in the science curriculum with regard human impact on the environment.
Should you have any questions with regard this initiative, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Matthew Krasner