Physics Fair - 10th grade show

Our 10th Grade students hosted the their first Physics Fair. Four groups of scientists started working on individual projects and dazzled our younger students as well as their peers.

Physics Fair article - an excerpt from the new IAS Times Issue 19 (coming soon). Read it here first.

On March 25th, the 10th grade staged the first ever IAS Physics Fair—something new and truly inventive. Four groups took part, plus a magic table, all of us supervised by Ms. Sarika. Group 1 was led by myself (Mohit) and Tommy, group 2 Alex and Temi, group 3 Rohit and Linda, and group 4 Sunny and Damien. The projects ranged from a hovercraft to a ball launcher to a shock pen and an eco-battery (lemon not included!). All of the tables on display had their charms. Groups 1 and 3 featured multiple “small” projects, while groups 2 and 3 focused on the “big” (like the popular hovercraft). It will be unfair to judge any table as the number one attraction, as all of them provided an enlightening break in studies for the rest of the school. At the end of each 45 minute session, each class was treated to a magic show, which I conducted with no magic at all. It’s just science. And that’s the message we hope everyone received. We’re looking forward to the second annual Physics Fair next year—9th grade, you’re up to bat! 

by Mohit Keshawani