PreKG and KG

Welcome to the IAS Early Years Page -

Early childhood in a school such as ours spans from ages three to nine. As a child grows from shy first-day preschooler to athletic kindergartner, from inquisitive first and second grader to confident third grader, incredible changes will have taken place within that student. The IAS “small school” recognizes the very unique needs and challenges associated with early childhood and it is well-equipped to gracefully support the physical, emotional and social development of its students as they transition into upper academic levels. The IAS Early Years Program is committed to maintaining both an atmosphere and academic tradition that is conducive to following best practices in the areas of early childhood and international education.

Students are encouraged to be inquisitive, creative and analytical in all areas. The early years curriculum is designed to guide and support students, allowing plenty of room for hands-on learning, teamwork and individual exploration. By the time that the students move on to the “Big School” they will have had ample opportunity to develop both their English and Polish skills, their understanding of complex scientific and mathematical concepts, as well as a keen awareness and sense of self. This well-rounded approach provides grounding for the upper grades and beyond.

About Us

Located close to the Main Building of the International American School, the Early Years School, situated at 12 Dembego St., welcomes children from the Pre-Kindergarten level through to 3rd Grade.  The Early Years School at IAS is specifically designed to create an intimate and comfortable learning environment for young learners. Small class sizes and an average 10 to 1 student-teacher ratio translate to students receiving individual care and attention both in and outside of the classroom. The Early Years School is adapted to the learning needs of young learners, both in the layout of the school itself and the design of the purpose-built playground. Overall, the Early Years School is a colorful and cheerful site where teachers and students alike contribute to the warm atmosphere that promotes learning and personal growth.

Small School Profile:

Our school caters to the children of diplomats, business people and locals alike. Students come from Poland, throughout Europe, and the far reaches of the globe. The multicultural nature of the small school is perhaps its greatest offering, and its supported in a variety of ways by a caring staff. 

Prekindergarten- 3-5
Kindergarten- 5-6
First Grade- 6-7
Second Grade- 7-8
Third Grade 8-9

*Classroom placement depends on age at the actual time of enrollment as well as other factors, such as language skills, special needs, academic background, abilities, etc. 

Core Curriculum:
Our curriculum combines the best practices and varying aspects of the Polish and American education systems.

Core subjects:
Language Arts
Social Studies
Physical Education

The preschool and kindergarten curricula reflect a play-based approach to learning, following the belief that children learn through experience. Above all else, the preschool years are child-centered and child-directed. By encouraging and supporting curiosity and participating in preschool, students become more active and inquisitive kindergartners. 

This belief in child-centered learning and inquiry is carried through into early elementary school, where it is transformed from imaginary dramatic play to experiential learning through more structured exploration. During the early years, teachers act as facilitators of learning by creating hands-on experiences that engage the five senses and foster a lifelong love of learning.