Middle School

Welcome to Middle School Page

Middle school at IAS spans from ages 12-15 and covers 7th - 9th grade. During these years, students are focused on challenging, inquiry based, hands-on academics. They are beginning to learn the skills they will continue through their post-secondary education. Students are also encouraged to think critically and use their powers of observation and deduction to gain empirical knowledge. Teaching students to teach themselves becomes a strong focus starting at the Middle School level.

This is also a time when students express their knowledge of the word in unique and creative ways through projects, performances and presentations. Students are supported by the school community to express their individuality and ethnic heritage. As we are an international school, tolerance and acceptance of all is instilled and permeates everything. This ability to live, work and grow together is the ‘spirit’ of IAS.

About Us

Located in the Main Building, ul. Dembego 18, the IAS Middle School welcomes children from 7th through to 9th grade. The Middle School is designed to provide an intimate and positive learning environment for all students. Small class sizes and a student-teacher ratio of 3-1 provide an exceptional atmosphere for one-to-one teaching, where educators can focus on the specific needs of each individual student.

Middle School Profile

IAS Middle School welcomes all students seeking a diverse international education experience. Over 20 nationalities are represented in our Middle School. Most students come from families of diplomats, multinational businesses as well as very healthy local constituency (about 50%). Students come to IAS from as far asKorea,Nigeria, theUSandIndia. Not only do students come from around the word, but the teaching staff also offers a wide variety of cultural backgrounds including American, Indian, Gambian and British, to name a few.  

Seventh Grade – 12-13

Eighth Grade    -  13-14

Ninth Grade     -  14-15

*Classroom placement depends on age at the actual time of enrollment as well as other factors, such as language skills, special needs, academic background, abilities, etc.

Core Curriculum

Our curriculum combines the best practices and varying aspects of the Polish, American and International education systems.

Core Subjects

English Language


Sciences – physics, biology and chemistry

Social Studies – History and geography

Second languages – PSL, German and French



Information and Computer Technology

Physical Education

Students from the 7th grade begin to take specific subject lessons in the natural sciences and social studies in order to provide an in-depth approach to each subject. This is also a prerequisite for the more challenging high school levels. As well as continuing German lessons, students also have the opportunity to study French and continue this into their high school years. Polish nationals are required to take Polish language, Polish history and geography, Polish math, Polish science - biology chemistry and physics, and WOS.  

Class Highlights


This year has been successful for the 7th graders. In November all of the students worked hard organising a Halloween party. They decorated their homeroom and prepared scary costumes, which was a lot of fun for the younger students to see. The outcomes of their engagement and creativity impressed both the jury as well as students. Therefore, the whole class won the “Halloween room decoration contest”. Another event that turned out to be successful was a ‘‘Spirit Week”. Students were asked to dress according to each day's theme. Again, 7th graders showed that they are ready for action and collaboration and came up with fantastic outfits! This year the class participated in variety of field trips - at all times they were very cooperative and it was a pleasure to go outside with them. We could see some fair competition during Bowling at Hula Kula Center in Warsaw and willingness to take the vertigo challenge that Stacja Balon had to offer. When asked what they see as their biggest success this school year, apart from the awards achieved, 7th graders stressed the fact that they have learnt so much this year, participated in educational projects and had more time to socialize. Good job guys! 


Grade 8 students have had a wonderful year during 2012-2013. Several students have been playing cricket throughout the year and they also participated an international cricket match. A few students from grade 8 also went to Barcelona for an educational Fall trip. Grade 8th grade students along with 7th graders also went to Warsaw's Marie Curie Museum as part of their Chemistry lessons. The international group of 8th grade have also done wonderful presentations on cultural identity, tolerance and diversity. During this year they have visited Galeria Mokotow, Hula Kula Bowling centre, the Botanical gardens and to the Polish National stadium for an international book fair. The Polish group of grade 8 students have participated in Rekolekcje and a Charity Basket Ball tournamnet in Wroclaw as well. The students have also participated in a carom seminar, Kangur Math competition, Sports Quiz and Tunisian Day Celebration. Boys from 8th grade participated in the Meridian football tournament and brought a championship trophy home to IAS. Also part of their chemistry education, students visited a nuclear reactor along with 9th & 10th grade students.  They have participated during spirit week and also in Earth Day celebration. The international group of 8th grade students organized a successful scinetific event called the ‘egg drop competition’.  Along with their home room teacher, students have been making an outstanding short film entitled “IAS- past, present & future”, which will be released at the end of June 2013. 


The 9th grade can look back on the 2012/13 school year with pride and satisfaction for the range of activities undertaken both as individuals and as a team.  The group was led by class president Nnenna Josakweker and their participation in school spirit events was notable for their production of the 2012 Christmas play (Thanks Aristianna and Lilla), victories in the Halloween costume competition (well done Farouk and Edda!), another victory in the middle school egg drop competition, and for the boys a massive contribution to the first IAS football championship (well done Adrian, Robert, Wojtek and Eimantas in the Meridian Cup).  The class also participated in meaningful field-trips to the "Brain" exhibit at the Palace of Science and Culture, the nuclear reactor in Swiek, and the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, where they got hands-on experience replicating their own DNA samples.  Lastly, their academic achievements have ranged from applied science (rocket launches for the boys, parachute assembly for the girls) to creative performance (poetry slam and Greek chorus for all!)  In all, it has been a rewarding school year at IAS and we're all looking forward to our next step forward.


School Life

After-school clubs give teachers and students alike the opportunity to get to know one other even better. Each teacher in the Middle School leads a club based on their personal interests and expertise. This gives each student the opportunity to get to know both students and teachers from other classes as well as explore an extracurricular activity in a friendly environment. Club offerings change yearly based on interest and availability. Clubs typically include offerings such as: dance, robotics, games, music, football, and video production. 

Academic Celebrations
The development of the curriculum each year is often put on display when it comes to the friendly academic shows and competitions that take place throughout the year. During this year’s Egg Drop competiton, for example, there were amazing displays of engineering devoted to designing a capsul that would protect an egg from a ten, twenty and even thirty foot drop! Other school wide events, such as the Kangur Math Competition and Earth Day cleanup projects, give students the ability first to work together to show off what their class has learned, and to show appreciation for the work of their schoolmates. 

Field Trips 
Field trips and short excursions are designed to make the community a part of the classroom. In each grade during middle school, teachers follow lesson plans that introduce relevant and useful topics to students. Workshops in locations such as the Copernicus Science Museum, Ethnography Museum and local theaters bring the sciences and arts alive. Such experiences give students an introduction to the art and music created by other cultures, as well as the opportunity to harness their own creativity and engage in traditional musical or artistic pursuits. Excursions to locales such as the local gardens and the famed Lazieki Park give teachers the freedom to run science lessons and experiments beyond the walls of a classroom. 

In-School Student Workshops 
Throughout the school year, the grades 7-9 also invite members of the community into the school. From dedicated parent volunteers who devote their time and expertise to our development, to specialists in a variety of fields, our students enjoy numerous opportunities to learn from members of the community without even leaving the school.While each class enjoys regular art and music classes taught by our very own specialist teachers, the middle school program is also devoted to providing its students with a diverse experience of culture and the arts. Therefore in-school workshops are led by local specialists as often as possible. These workshops enrich our program by allowing students to fully engage in the arts being offered; in addition to listening to the expert artists, engineers and diplomats discuss their projects, or demonstrate knowledge, these people lead the students in exercises which help them explore their own values. Visiting workshops and performances have included: musicians, ambassadors, dance troupes, story tellers, and martial artists and dramatists. 

Special Events
Both Polish and international holidays are celebrated in style in IAS’s middle school program, giving intellectual development and academic celebrations equal weight. Annual holidays such as Halloween, Valentine's Day and Carnival are delightfully spooky and colorful celebrations in our school. Such themes provide ample opportunity for both celebration and exploration in every grade level. Each year, all homerooms write, produce, direct, rehearse and then perform for the entire school community at our end of year International Day Celebration.