Island Design Competition

Once again the 6th Graders of IAS wowed the school with their amazing Island Designs. The objective of the assignment: create an island. Students first wrote essays then drew design sketches for their 3D models. They then began creating  their island model using materials of their choice. Students also created posters and slogans as tourism advertisements. Finally, they presented their island designs to the entire school. After short informative presentations, classmates were allowed to ask questions about the infrastructure, government, economy, politics and culture of the island. After 80 votes had been collected, the 1st place winner of the competition was Dawid Przybys. 2nd place went to the island Sportania by Alice and Rose and the 3rd place went to Wierdotopia by Bonnie, Julia and Kristina. Congratulations to the winners and the entire class for their wonderful, creative and imaginative designs!