The IAS MUN team recently returned from Prague, where we represented the United States and Republic of Korea as part of PORGMUN 2014. This was our fourth conference of the year and the experience is paying off. We have our first winner for the coveted Best Delegate award: Tommy Le in the Refugees Special Committee. Well done Tommy! This is the only confirmed winner, but there may be more as PORGMUN is releasing results of votes in June.

  All our students took leadership roles in their committee rooms, sponsoring resolutions and giving speeches on their behalf. They represented the school well and enjoyed the ambiance of such a wonderful medieval/cosmopolitan city. Thanks to Mohit Keswani, Sunny Dong, Norbert Stepkowski, Maciej Zalasa, Alex Veremeyenko, Damian Borkowski, Tommy Le,  Razan Al Enezi, Konrad Pawlowski, Vilma Castellanos, Widya Haryanto, Adrian Bogucki, Robert Raptis and Wojtek Kurek. A great group!