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Welcome to the International American School of Warsaw's on-line application system. We hope the following steps will make your application process easier.

* Fill out the information below.
* Provide a passport sized photo for the child applying.
* Provide educational documentation for your child's last two years of schooling, translated if need be into English. Such documentation includes school certificates, transcripts, and relevant test scores. If you have more then 4 attachments, please zip/compress them into one file.

Enrollment is processed on a first come, first serve basis, should the child meet the school's academic requirements.
In the event of a full class, your child will be placed on a waiting list, wherein IAS reserves the right to select students based on merit.
Enrollment is confirmed upon receipt of the registration deposit of 4000 PLN. Please refer to our Tuition Fee subpage for more information on making payments.
We welcome new students to IAS throughout the school year.
In addition to the online application, parents must also complete one of the following Educational Agreements, based on the chosen school of enrollment:

* Elementary School Agreement: PreKG – Grade 6
* Middle School Agreement: Grades 7-9
* High School Agreement: Grades 10-12

A signed copy of the agreement can be brought directly to the school's office or scanned and e-mailed to:
An application and signed educational agreement must be completed for each child applying.

Thank you for applying to IAS!

Elementary School agreement
Middle School agreement
High School Agreement

If you have more than 5 attachments, please ZIP them into one.



Schools attended beginning with the most recent one



Has the pupil ever repeated a grade?: *

Has the pupil ever been promoted a grade?:*

Has the pupil ever participated in remedial progam ?:*

Guardian Information

Please include any question you have about the Admissions process or any particular information you want to express to the IAS Administration about your application.

I hereby agree for the use and processing of the above - disclosed personal data for the School’s marketing purposes.At the same time, I acknowledge, that the above data has been provided by me voluntarily and I have the right to review and correct it inaccordance with the Act on the Personal Data Protection of 29th of August 1997.

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I hereby consent to the use, processing, duplication and multiple distribution, exclusively for the promotion and needs of the functioning of IAS, the image and the expression of my child / charge: ................................................ ..............., established (recorded) during : competitions, sports tournaments, tours and other events or school actions, on any carrier (including in the form of photographs and film documentation, or sound). This agreement includes all forms of publication, in particular posters, flyers, billboards, other printed promotional materials, reports and TV spots, radio, publications in newspapers and magazines, …………… on the Internet (including on social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc. . The image of a child can not be used in the form or publication which is abusive to the child or violates the personal rights of the child. This consent is free, and it is not limited quantity, time or territory..

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You are sending your Application to the IAS Administration.

You will receive three status emails:

  • Application Sent: Once you send your application you will receive an e-mail notification that we have received your application.
  • Application being reviewed: Once the IAS Admissions board will start reviewing your application, you will be notified by e-mail.
  • Application Approved/Disapproved: Once your application has been approved or disapproved, you will receive an e-mail notification.

Lastly, you will be notified of the further steps in order to complete your application. Remember to attach all the necessary documentation at the beginning of this application. If you have more than 4 attachments, please ZIP them into one.

Thank you for applying to the International American School of Warsaw.

In case you have any questions use the message box above the send button, e-mail us at or call at 0048226491440.