Events - March 2018

2 Mar

Nadia W, Activism Presentation

Nadia will present her CAS Project to grades 10-12, in cafeteria. She has prepared a presentation and photo exhibit, documenting her observation of various political activism protests in Poland.

5 Mar

Small School Book Week

8 Mar

Women's Day

10 Mar

SAT Exam

12 Mar

Lenten Retreat - Polish Religion students 8th&10th grade

15 Mar

St. Patrick's Day celebration

16 Mar


At British School From 10th grade: Vedant, Julia, Lisa and Natalia Simon overseeing

19 Mar

Lenten retreat Grades 1-6 - Polish Religion students

20 Mar

Journee de la Francophonie – French speaking day in Canadian School

To celebrate the Francophonie’s day our 8 th graders will hold a presentation of the largest French speaking cities in the world. The cultural aim for them is to realize that we speak French all over the world. During the afternoon the students will go to the Canadian small school to read French books and play games with other French learners.

23 Mar

International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims

25 Mar

Deadline for mid-semester grades

28 Mar

Happy Egg Day

29 Mar

Easter Holiday (School Closed)