My son and I are big fans of IAS. They are one of the most balanced schools we have experienced. Firstly, they have a diverse group of students, without cliques of “popular kids”. They accept the fact that there are different kids with different talents and needs. For the talented they provide all the opportunities to excel. For those who might need help they offer support and an individual approach. Teachers treat all the students like partners on the educational journey.






Our daughters, who are now 11 and 13, started attending IAS almost 3 years ago and we are pleased about it. Every passing year they come with improvements. We are happy to see that children are involved in so many activities and projects during classes. The teachers are focused on all ability and skill levels and encourage and support the students. We highly recommend the school






Our son and daughter go to this school. I highly recommend. It’s a great English-speaking school where teachers and management have all needed requirements in this cozy campus. Children get personal attention due to small class sizes. I like the teaching methods; my kids are engaged by doing different kinds of projects and writing many essays. If there was any situation to deal with, whether with a teacher or the Principal, I must say that I have had excellent experience






IAS is a great English-speaking school with an individual approach for culturally and linguistically diverse students. The education system seems to be improving from year to year. This school responds well to any concerns raised and parents regularly receive valuable information about the children’s progress. There are also a lot of extra-curricular (social, political and sport) activities and encouragement for the development of talent, creativity and social skills






My daughters are 12 and 17 and have attended IAS since we relocated to Poland. This is a very good school which I highly recommend. An excellent choice for foreigners with English as a second language (additional English support is available). Every year the school is improving in its leaning process and environment. We see many engagement activities for kids which helps their social development. The teachers are involved and focused. A big thanks to Principal Krasner and all the faculty who remain a great support for our kids.






Our son attended IAS for his final year of high school. He transferred from a different international school in Warsaw. This was a challenging time for him. We met with the staff to plan his transition and choose his subjects. IAS reached out and assisted our son from the beginning of the year, through the rough parts and the end. Our son graduated in June 2019 and now is a student of Warsaw Medical University (WUM). We are proud of him and we are thankful for the hard work and dedication of IAS.






My son attended IAS during his grade 11 year. I highly rate the school’s program and teachers’ attitude towards their students. A student can choose the program that is suitable for his or her educational goals: IB, American High School or Polish matura. The program incorporates the world’s current challenges and uses modern methods of teaching.






My son started his journey in IAS from Pre-Kindergarten and he is prepared to graduate with an IB diploma. I am very proud of the way he has been groomed in this school environment. It has been a fantastic expedition. The selection of teachers is impeccable. The administration and staff are very helpful and co-operative.



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