International American School is currently using SGGW sport facilities for all PE classes. This is a state-of-the-art physical fitness facility about 5 minutes drive from the school.

PE classes range from KG up to10th grade (PreKG students have PE in Small School) and last for an average of one hour.

Two teachers run the lesson from 4th grade and up, one for boy’s PE and the other for girls.

Students are taught several team games from soccer, basketball, and volleyball to indoor hockey and handball. The gym also provides balls, goals, baskets, hockey bats, cones and everything else needed.

There are also gymnastics mattresses (for back and forward roll, and safe landing), a jumping box, and a pummel horse to improve each child’s agility, flexibility and skill.

Our small school students have a lot of fun with all sorts of games, relays, races, and mini games as well. This is to make sport more fun before more difficult, technical exercises are implemented.



IAS is using SGGW’s swimming pool and Aqua Relaks center (USCIR pool). Swimming lessons range from PreKG up to 6th grade and last for an average of one hour.

Students are taught at all various levels in each grade from non swimmers to high level swimmers. All lessons are run with two teachers to optimize each student’s skill and technique. There are also several lifeguards on duty at all times

Students begin from floating exercises, backstroke, crawl and breast stroke to butterfly for the best swimmers. Students also learn how to jump, flip and dive, and many different kinds of sinking toys for underwater skills are used.

During swimming lessons beginner and advanced swimmers use different aids like boards, pipes and flippers to improve leg, arm and shoulder technique.

Our school also has Extra Swimming lessons after school on Wednesdays for all students who are interested.



All students from 1st up to 8th grade take tennis lessons. These classes take place in the Hilszfelda tennis bubble and last for an average of one hour. Students are taught the rules of the game and then train the skills and techniques for proper play.

Students play tennis games like ‘around the world’ as well as compete in singles and doubles tournaments. Private tennis lessons are also available for students after school.



Students have the opportunity to join our IAS Football and Basketball teams. These teams train together and compete with other public and private international schools in Warsaw and around Poland throughout the year.

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