Welcome to the IAS Catering Service, where students can enjoy delicious, nutritious meals during the school day. Lower elementary students at Dembego 12 receive breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. Meanwhile, upper elementary, middle school, and high school students at Dembego 18 have a variety of lunch options. High school students have the added benefit of being able to dine at local restaurants, while middle school students may also have this opportunity with the permission of their parents/guardians. We strive to provide a diverse range of options to suit all tastes and dietary needs.


Here is a message from our Catering Company – Best Katering. Please register here if you wish to subscribe to their meal plan.


Dear Parents, 

We would like to invite you to order meals in the application STARTEDU 

REGISTRATION – to start ordering meals, parents should register in the system. Please use the link below: 


PreKG till Grade 4 (Dembego 12):

Grade 5 till Grade 12 (Dembego 18):



The links are unique for all schools who use the system STARTEDU. Please do not use different links (the links are for different schools in other cities). Login address the STARTEDU is: 
https://startedu.pl/User/LogIn You may cancel the meal by STARTEDU system or by SMS sending to system. The telephones and emails cancelling will not be accepted. You can cancel ordering the meal at least 1 day before delivery and not longer than 20:00. 
All money from cancelling you will see in folder RETURNS in your account and going to be use for next month payment. 


Payment option for ordering: 

  • The traditional transfer made to the individual bank account of each user (the system automatically assigns an account number to each person). 
  • Immediately transfer online (Transfer 24)- additional administrative fee charged by the bank operator in the amount of 3 PLN for transaction of value to 1 000 PLN or 4 PLN for transaction of value above 1 000 PLN 


Personal data protection – legal aspects

All system functions STARTEDU have been consulted legally and meet the current requirements of this type of IT products. Personal data will be processed by START SOFT SP.O.O. SPÓŁKA KOMANDYTOWA to implement concluded contracts and given meals (legal art.6 ust.1 lit. b ordinance personal protection RODO).  

START SOFT SP.ZO.O. SPÓŁKA KOMANDYTOWA appoints a personal data inspector (IOD) with whom you can contact in all matters regarding the protection of personal data at the address provided in the regulations. 

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