The International American School has established a College Counseling Board to assist high school students with their future plans. With each passing year, the admissions process is becoming increasingly competitive across all subjects, but the board offers in-depth and personalized college advice to help students overcome any admission worries.


Services Offered:

  • One-on-one scheduled meetings for personalized assistance with paper work
  • Guidance for students who wish to study in Poland or abroad
  • Help with the following questions and more:
    • Where to study
    • What to study
    • Official entry requirements
    • Required papers for university admission board
    • Financial aid procedure for home, EU, and foreign students
    • Best housing options (dormitory/house) in the first year
    • Available educational programs abroad for high school subjects
  • Answers to all other questions to ensure a successful university application
  • Sample copies of personal statements and other relevant documents


Successful Outcomes:


Our alumni have gone on to attend many universities, including leading universities, and have established successful careers. The earlier a student applies, the better their chances are for acceptance.


The College Counseling Board at International American School is here to help high school students navigate the college admission process and make informed decisions about their future.

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