In the Loop IAS Bulletin March 21 – March 25 , 2022



In the Loop IAS Bulletin March 21 – March 25 , 2022


Monday (21/03/2022)

Dembego 12, 15:20 – 16:00: D12 Staff meeting

Tuesday (22/03/2022)

Dembego 18, 08:15 – 08:30: High School Teacher’s meeting

Dembego 12, 08:30 – 15:30: D12 Book fair

Dembego 18, 16:00 – 17:30: Basketball training grades 7 – 12

Dembego 18, 15:15 – 16:30: Programming Club

Wednesday (23/03/2022)

Dembego 12 & 18, 15:15 – 16:00: CLUBS

Dembego 18, 16:00 – 17:00: Faculty Heads meeting

Thursday (24/03/2022)

Dembego 18, 08:15 – 08:30: Middle School Teacher’s meeting

Dembego 18, 11:00 – 15:00: D18 Book fair

Dembego 18, 15:20 – 16:20: IASxTalks Club


  • Parent teacher meetings via Zoom




Book Fair


Next week, the Usborne Book Fair will return to Dembego 12 & 18!

There will be plenty of wonderful books to choose from. Books for reading, coloring, puzzles, and more! Each class will have an opportunity to visit the book fair and browse what is available for purchase. Miss Aneta and the teachers will help students choose appropriate books for their level and interests.

If you would like your child to purchase books, please provide your child with money for the book fair. Most of the books range between 40 and 80 PLN. For more details contact Veronica Krawiec on (D12) or Melissa Roginski on (D18)

*Please note that the process will be a bit different this time around. *

Students will NOT take any books home on the day of the book fair. Instead, they will prepare a wish list of their desired books. If you would like to purchase some or all of the wish list books, students will return the wish lists and appropriate amount of money to Ms Veronica/Ms. Roginski by March 29th.

Full catalogue:


D18 Art contest

Ms. Bonkowska is back again with another Art contest! This week she announced the Spring Art Contest with a theme: “If hope was a creature, how would it look like?”. The details are in the poster prepared by our amazing student vice-president Darya. We look forward to seeing your latest artistic inspirations.



We are delighted to announce a new club is being formed, led by Milena Dederko (co-president) and Aleksandra Iwanczak of 11th grade and supervised by Ethan Ruby

Their goal is to invite TEDx to have a talk at IAS and one of the application requirements is for us to have our own speech and current events club at school. They have already held their introductory meeting but are still welcoming any additional interested members. The focus for meetings will be speechwriting and public speaking practice in a low stress environment.

Anyone 8th grade and above is invited to come along to Room 13 on Thursdays at 15:20 if they would like to learn more

Anyone with questions can write to Milena, Aleksandra, or Mr. Ruby


D12 Theatre Trip

On Monday the students of grades 1-4 went to the Palladium Theatre to see a show called “The Magician”. They enjoyed a beautiful combination of magic, music and dance which added up to a memorable performance. Getting there on a metro was an additional adventure for all involved!


8th Grade Museum Trip

Ms. Katie and Ms. Sarah chaperoned the 8th Graders on a field trip to visit the POLIN Museum this week on Thursday, March 17th. The students absorbed loads of history of Jewish life, religion, and culture in Poland presented from the Jewish perspective. The trip included a visit to the temporary exhibition: Od Kuchni which showed typical dishes in Jewish Cuisine – their origins, symbolism, and how to prepare them. After viewing the exhibitions, the class enjoyed an authentic Jewish catered meal from the museum’s restaurant, WARSZE


7th Grade fundraising

Tadeusz Strzelecki and Aysha Tekwani have organized a unique fundraising initiative to support UNICEF’s work in Ukraine. They have sold badges and stickers during every lunch period this past week in support of Ukraine’s humanitarian effort and already raised over 1000 PLN! They still have many badges and stickers left and plan to extend the effort for one more week.

They have a stall set up in the D18 lobby from 12:00 – 12:40 every day for one more week. Thank you, Tadeusz, and Aysha for your incredible work!


D18 weekly clubs list:

  • Craft Club with Elyssa Winzeler and Aleksandra Stoń (Art Room)
  • Electronics Club with Adam Shahumi (Science Room)
  • Student Run Book Club (Room 1)
  • Dance Club with Iza Mieszczanska (Cafeteria)
  • Walking Club with Beata Orlowska (Outside)
  • Board Games Club with Kasia Kilijanek & Elzbieta Wolak-Lechowicz (Room 3)
  • Football Club with Rafal Krawczyk and Flaurian Pezzoli (Football Pitch)
  • Math Mentor Program and Homework Club with Halil Alaka (Room 9)

Please note that clubs are a required part of the IAS program for Grades 5 – 10. Any student with a legitimate reason to be exempted, should be excused by their parent by email. One email at the start of the semester is sufficient.


Important dates to note:

April 05: Mid-semester 2 reports published

April 07 – 13: Mid-semester 2 parent teacher meetings via Zoom

April 14 – 19: School closed for Easter break

May 2 – 3: School closed for Constitution Day

June 16 – 17: School closed for Corpus Christi Holiday

June 23: Last day of school and Closing Ceremony


Please update your information:

Dear parents & students, if you have changed your address, e-mail address or telephone numbers, please let the office know so that we can update our database to improve communication with you.


Thank you,
IAS Administration



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