Newsletter February 26 – March 01, 2024

Mehdi Rizvi

Newsletter February 26 – March 01, 2024

IAS Bulletin February 26 – March 1, 2024 

Monday (26/02/2024) 



Tuesday (27/02/2024) 

  • Dembego 18, 08:15 – 08:30: High School Morning Meeting 
  • 16:00 – 17:30: High School Football Training 


Wednesday (28/02/2024) 

  • Dembego 12/18, 15:15 – 16:00: Clubs 


Thursday (29/02/2024) 


  • Dembego 18, 08:15 – 08:30: Middle School Morning Meeting 


Friday (01/03/2024) 

  • Dembego 12, 09:00 – 15:00: D12 Art Workshops 






D12 – 100th Day of School! 

On Thursday, February 22nd, D12 students celebrated 100 days of school! Students dressed up for the occasion, either as though they were 100 years old, or with homemade shirts with 100 items on them.   

We would like to congratulate Esther Fawehinmi (Kg), Kira Luchka (G2), and Daniel Jarema (G4) for winning our dress-up competition! It was tough to choose winners with so many fantastic costumes!  

D12 students separated into their houses for some fun-filled activities, crafts, and competitions! They thought of 100 ways to be kind, did 100 sports exercises, and created funky hats for their teachers to wear using strips of 10. They also competed with one another, creating lists of 100 words based on a variety of different categories.  

We had an absolute blast! 



High School Learners of the month – December and January 


December – Caring  


Jonathan Spillane – Grade 9  

Jonathan joined Grade 9 in September and has integrated well into the school. His teachers have recognised him for his empathetic nature, and he consistently demonstrates a genuine concern for the well-being of others. Whether collaborating on group projects or offering a helping hand to a struggling peer, Jonathan’s compassion creates a positive and inclusive learning environment.  


Robert Majsterek – Grade 10  

Robert is kind to everyone and brightens the classroom with his positive attitude. He always strives to consider matters from the perspective of others and handle situations with empathy. For this reason, he is often the first to welcome new students to the class and help his peers whenever he can.  


Nour Khalifa- Grade 11  

Nour really stood out in December with the work she did for the SHOM Charity Bazaar to assist those less fortunate during the holidays. The event organizers wrote to the school to praise the help she provided by organizing and leading other students. Throughout the event, she was especially engaged and supportive.  


Long Ling- 12  

During her time at IAS, Julianna has consistently helped organize and run events at our school. She has done several art training workshops and activities, as well as organized events like the Lunar New Year. Furthermore, Julianna regularly supports her peers, especially when it comes to building confidence in their language skills. 



January – Thinker  



 Blanca Borjon-Vallejo – Grade 9 
Blanca is an excellent thinker embodying the core values of the IB learner profile. She approaches problems with a unique blend of creativity and logical reasoning, consistently producing innovative solutions.   


Ioanna Paputsi – Grade 10 
Ioanna’s critical thinking shines through as she consistently approaches challenges with a truly open mind. Her ability to grasp intricate concepts and apply them creatively is notable. Whether exploring science concepts or real-world issues, she navigates with confidence and ingenuity. Her relentless drive to understand concepts more completely sets a great example for her peers.  


Henrique Castro – Grade 11 
Henrique not only excels in critical thinking but also inspires his peers by consistently generating innovative ideas. His ability to connect diverse concepts and synthesize information are a valuable ingredient for quality classroom discussions and activities.  


Zofia Gowin – Grade 12  

With a voracious appetite for knowledge, Zofia exhibits an exceptional capacity to analyze complex concepts and devise insightful solutions. Her intellectual curiosity extends beyond textbooks, as she actively seeks to engage with diverse perspectives. Zofia’s adept critical thinking skills not only elevate her academic performance but also enhance the classes that she is enrolled in. 



Class schedule: 



As always you can view the class schedule by following the instructions below 


No password required – just click ‘timetable’ 


Grade 11 and 12 students may view their individual schedule here also. 







Upcoming events and holidays to note: 

March 28 – April 02: School closed for Easter break 

April 04: Mid-semester 2 reports published 

April 05: Mid-semester 2 PT meetings 

May 01 – 03: School closed for May break 

May 30 –31: School closed for Corpus Christi 

June 21: School closing ceremony at Polin. Certificates are distributed on and after this date. 





Please Update your information: 


Dear parents & students, if you have changed your address, e-mail address or telephone numbers, please let the office know so that we can update our database to improve communication with you.  


Thank you,
IAS Administration 



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