Newsletter January 08- January 12, 2024

Mehdi Rizvi

Newsletter January 08- January 12, 2024

IAS Bulletin January 08 – 12, 2024 

Monday (08/01/2024) 


 Tuesday (09/01/2024) 

  • Dembego 18, 08:15 – 08:30: High School Morning Meeting 
  • 16:00 – 17:30: High School Football Training

Wednesday (10/01/2024) 

  • Dembego 12/18, 13:30 – 16:00: Lessons cancelled  
  • Dembego 18, 14:00 – 17:00: MS1 Parent-Teacher meetings – online only 

Thursday (11/01/2024) 


Friday (12/01/2024)  


Online Parent-Teacher (PT) meetings 

Here are some key dates and steps to note in preparation for the PT meetings. 


Monday, January 8: The PT meeting calendly links will be shared with all parents by email. All full-time teachers will be available for meetings on Wednesday from 14:00 – 17:00. Some part-time teachers will be available on other days or via email. Meetings are limited to 8 minutes so the subsequent meetings may start on time. 


Tuesday, January 9: All grade reports will be published on by 16:00 via the managebac platform. Parents should receive an email notification when the report is published. If you have any difficulty accessing the report, please contact Mr. Mehdi at 


Wednesday, January 10: All lessons after 13:30 are cancelled and teachers will be available for meetings between 14:00 and 17:00. Swietlica is cancelled and all students must be collected from school by 14:00 

Most teachers will use the Microsoft Teams platform for meetings so please install the application ahead of time.  


In some cases, we may request a meeting on a different day online/in-person if more time is required. 


Please note: 

  1. When you choose a meeting slot via calendly, the meeting will automatically be added to the teacher’s calendar and a confirmation email will be sent to you.   
  1. You should download and install Microsoft Teams on the device you plan to use. 
  1. Each meeting will be 8 minutes max to allow a 2-minute break between meetings 
  1. If for any reason you are unable to attend the scheduled meeting, just find the confirmation email, scroll to the end and click cancel to open that slot up to other parents 
  1. Any teachers that do not have a calendly link may also be contacted by email 


D12 December Learner of the Month – Caring 

In Kindergarten, the student who is most caring (not only in the month of December) is Basia. Basia makes sure to always help others, both during learning time and playtime. She helps others complete their work when they have trouble finishing it on their own. She cleans all her messes making sure not to add to Ms. Teresa’s workload. She tries to include everyone in her games. She creates pieces of art to decorate our classroom. It is a pleasure watching Basia take care of herself, others, and her surroundings! 

This month in grade 1 we’d like to recognize Robin as the caring student of the month. Robin is very helpful in the classroom, always making sure to clean up and assist others. He is kind and caring towards his classmates. He stands up for other students and helps to explain what happened if the others need help with English.  Well done, Robin! 

In grade 2, Krithiga is outstandingly caring! She always looks for occasions to be helpful to teachers or her classmates. She always cleans the classroom, helps with headsets at ICT, helps her classmates with tasks that are difficult for them. She is a delightful presence in the classroom. 

In third grade, Shreya is very kind and empathetic to her classmates. She is always helping those in needs and helping them without being asked, especially to new students or students who need help understanding English. 

In 4th grade, Charles is a very caring student. He tries to include everyone and treat everyone fairly. He is empathetic towards others and is always willing to lend a helping hand. He greets others with a smile and an open heart. We are very proud to have him in our class. Congratulations, Charles! 

We would also like to recognize Miss Teresa Szlarska for earning the most caring Employee of the Month award for November! Miss Teresa’s colleagues have voted her most caring because she consistently takes care of everyone in our building. She goes above and beyond to make sure everyone is fed and taken care of and that our rooms are clean and ready for learning. She is always willing to help, with a smile on her face. Miss Teresa is one of the most valued people in our building due to her hard work, kindness, and devotion; she is a quiet hero at D12, always looking after us all. D12 is incredibly lucky to have her, and we are happy to be able to show our appreciation. Congratulations, Miss Teresa!   

 Upcoming events and holidays to note: 

January 09: S1 reports published 

January 10, 13:30 – 17:00: School closed for S1 PT meetings 

January 15 – 26: School closed for winter holidays 

March 28 – April 02: School closed for Easter break 

May 01 – 03: School closed for May break 

May 30 –31: School closed for Corpus Christi 

June 21: School closing ceremony at Polin. Certificates are distributed on and after this date. 




Class schedule: 

As always you can view the class schedule by following the instructions below 


No password required – just click ‘timetable’ 


Grade 11 and 12 students may view their individual schedule here also. 



Please Update your information: 


Dear parents & students, if you have changed your address, e-mail address or telephone numbers, please let the office know so that we can update our database to improve communication with you.  


Thank you,
IAS Administration 



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