Newsletter June 05 – June 09, 2023

Mehdi Rizvi

Newsletter June 05 – June 09, 2023

 IAS Bulletin June 5 – 9, 2023

Monday (05/06/2023)

·         Dembego 18: Grades 6-11 Exams

·         Dembego 18, 15:15 – 16:00: Programming Club

·         Dembego 12, 15:20 – 16:00: D12 staff meeting

Tuesday (06/06/2023)

·         Dembego 18: Grades 6-11 Exams 

Wednesday (07/08/2023)

·         Dembego 18: Grades 6-11 Exams

·         Dembego 12& 18: Clubs CANCELLED

Thursday (08/06/2023)

·         Corpus Christi – School closed

Friday (09/06/2023)

·         School closed

D18 end of year activities

G6 – G11 exams will continue until the end of this week. There will also be time on June 12-13 for any retakes. From June 12 – 21 there are alternative activities planned for students as various documents are prepared in advance of the closing ceremony.

There is a trip ‘buffet’ on June 13 and June 16 where students will have a choice of 3 trips on each day. There is a link to the permission slip for each of these trips on this mail. Please complete the permission slip for the chosen trip on each day and return to school by Monday, June 12.

There is also an overnight trip to Torun for Grades 5 – 8 but this is already fully booked.


D12 Learner of the Month

In May our theme for the student of the month was risk-taker.

In Kindergarten we have chosen Hyshika as our bravest risk taker. Hyshika’s self-confidence improved greatly this year. From being nervous about staying in school without her parents, Hyshika grew into a confident student who was not afraid to take risks in learning and in play. She asked questions to learn more and was always open to new ideas. She put her best effort forward in all activities. It was a pleasure seeing her blossom! Congratulations Hyshika!


This month in first grade, we have chosen Leo has our risk taker. Leo has really grown in his confidence this school year.  He makes an effort to participate and share his ideas more and more as English skills have improved. He tries new things and takes risks outside of his comfort zone. Well done Leo!


The student who has been chosen as a risk taker in the 2nd grade is Samar! Samar frequently asks questions and makes interesting inquiries. He is not afraid to step outside his comfort zone. Often Samar is the first to volunteer during class, regardless of the topic or activity at hand. Samar is excited by new challenges and doesn’t hesitate to explore new concepts or ideas. He is also excited by change and approaches change with an open mind and a positive spirit. We are so proud to have you in our class. Congratulations, Samar!


In 3rd grade, the student who has been chosen as risk-taker is Helena.  Helena joined our class a little bit later in the school year, but she immediately made an effort to get to know other students and make some great friendships.  She stands up for herself, as well as for others, when she sees something happening or someone saying something that shouldn’t be.  Keep it up, Helena!

In 4th grade the students have taken a lot of risks in their education this year. They asked questions, inquired, and experimented. They all deserve to be acknowledged for it. Well done!

D12 Children’s Day trip to the Candy Factory

The students from Dembego 12 celebrated their special holiday by visiting a candy manufacture. They observed the process of making candy and then everyone made their own lollipop. Happy Children’s Day!

Golf success in Grade 2

We are very proud of our 2nd grade student Jimin Hur, who won a gold medal in the Golf Sixes First Warsaw tournament. Congratulations Jimin!

Grade 5 Art Trip

On the 1st of June, the students of grade 5 went to the Pracownia Wolno (ul. Chelmska 21). It is a meeting place for artists. It is a fully equipped studio to work in traditional graphic techniques such as linocut, etching, aquatint, lithography, monotype, or dry needle.

During the visit, the students were invited to a traditional graphic technique – linocut, monotype and drypoint. The classes were led by Dr. Magdalena Cybulska.

The 5th graders even brought their t-shirts and bags to print patterns designed by them.

All had a wonderful time there.

End of year procedures and key dates

Closing ceremony

Firstly, the administration would like to formally announce that this year’s closing ceremony will take place at the Polin Conference Centre from 10:00 – 12:30 on June 22. The IAS closing ceremony has evolved over the lifetime of the school and is now a promotion ceremony for all students from Pre-kg – Grade 11 and is the High School graduation ceremony for our seniors. We will also mingle as a community at the international food festival after the graduation ceremony.

Please note that there is a short period between the completion of grading and the preparation of promotion certificates and transcripts. Documents will only be distributed at the closing ceremony or after for students in Pre-kg – Grade 11. There are different arrangements for Grade 12.


Pre-kg – 5th Grade

These students will have regular classes right up until June 21


6th – 10th Grade

From May 29th – June 7th students will take formal final exams in all regular subjects. In general, the exams will follow this structure:



  • 08:30 – 09:30: Exam review time supervised by homeroom teachers
  • 09:30 – 11:30: Morning exam session supervised by the subject teacher. Most exams are 90 minutes or less but students will remain in class throughout this time. Students cannot be excused by parents to leave early. To do so would negatively impact the atmosphere in the exam room
  • 11:30 – 12:45: Extended lunch break Students must return to the exam room a minimum of 15 minutes before the exam
  • 13:00 – 15:00: Afternoon exam session supervised by the subject teacher. Most exams are 90 minutes or less but students will remain in class throughout this time. Students cannot be excused by parents to leave early. To do so would negatively impact the atmosphere in the exam room.
  • In some cases, additional review sessions have been added for logistical reasons and/or to spread out the exams. During this time, students will have supervised study time.


The final transcript breakdown is semester 1 (40%), semester 2 (40%), Final exam (20%). Students must pass the final exam. The detailed schedule for the exams can be viewed here.


11th Grade

After further consultation with teachers and students, most of the final exams for most subjects have been cancelled. There will only be exams in Group 4 (Science) and Group 5 (Mathematics) subjects. All other subjects will be assessed qualitatively by the teacher and will reflect where your teacher considers you are at and the predicted grade indicators per subject

11th Grade final exams have been postponed to May 29th – June 7th.

The final transcript breakdown is semester 1 (40%), semester 2 (40%), Final exam (20%). Students must pass the final exam. The detailed schedule for the exams can be viewed here.

12th Grade

IB and HSDP exams have now ended.

On June 22nd we will formally celebrate the graduation of the Class of 2023 in cap and gown.


Important upcoming dates

29th May – 7th June: Grades 6-11 Finals

8th – 9th June: Corpus Christi holiday (School closed)

22nd June: Closing ceremony

Please Update your information:

Dear parents & students, if you have changed your address, e-mail address or telephone numbers, please let the office know so that we can update our database to improve communication with you.


Thank you,
IAS Administration



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Reminder: Opening Ceremony 2023/2024

Reminder: Opening Ceremony 2023/2024

We trust you enjoyed a rejuvenating summer and are excited to welcome you back for the 2023/2024 academic year at IAS. Our opening ceremony will be held tomorrow, Friday, 1st of September.

IAS Closing Ceremony 2023 Video

IAS Closing Ceremony 2023 Video

As we gradually step back into IAS for the 2023/2024 school year, let's revisit the memorable moments from our 2023 closing ceremony. Dive into the official video showcasing our splendid performances, student accolades, the globally-inspired International Day with treats and decor from our diverse community of parents and students, and the poignant Graduation Ceremony for our departing seniors. Enjoy the playback!

IAS Opening Ceremony 2023/2024

IAS Opening Ceremony 2023/2024

I would like to welcome everyone back to the IAS community and offer greetings to those new members joining us for the 2023-24 school year. For those who do not know me, I have been teaching at IAS since 2013 and have served as Vice-principal from 2015 - 2020 and now Principal since September 2020. I look forward to seeing new and old faces returning to our classrooms, with energy and enthusiasm for the new year.

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