Newsletter May 01– May 05, 2023

Mehdi Rizvi

Newsletter May 01– May 05, 2023

 IAS Bulletin May 01 – 05, 2023

Monday (01/05/2023)

·         School closed


Tuesday (02/05/2023)

·         School closed


Wednesday (03/05/2023)

·         School closed


Thursday (04/05/2023)

·         Dembego 18: IB & HSDP Exams


Friday (05/05/2023)

·         Dembego 18: IB & HSDP Exams






The IB and HSDP exams continue at D18. There will be additional room changes to better limit noise and distractions during the exams. These are being finalized and will be enforced from Thursday.


The schedule of the IB and HSDP exams can be found here: There have been small corrections to the students assigned to subjects since this was published.


The middle and high school green school trips will take place next week, May 8 – 12. As a rule, no new material can be taught to students that remain in school. Given the large number of students participating in the trips, many of the remaining classes will be combined e.g. 5th &6th, 7th and 8th etc. Lessons will focus on reviewing for the finals or fun once-off topics.



Earth Day (D18)

IAS students celebrated Earth Day this year on April 28th. The plan of activities was devised by Mr. Alejandro, our high school geography teacher.

The afternoon began as grades 5-8 worked with their peers to construct and design a larger than life size image of an endangered or threatened species. The animals included tortoise (G5), whale shark (G6), lemur (G7), and Macaw (G8).

Meanwhile, high school students and teachers were hard at work on a creative topographic activity. Using a mixture of glue, water and recycled paper, groups constructed areas on earth highlighting the land’s physical features.

After the artistic activities, each house assembled and had about one hour to design and make a flag which embodied one of the following themes: Flora, Fauna, Ocean, and Atmosphere. The celebration ended with flag presentations on the football pitch. Thank you to all who participated and contributed to a nice memory before the May break.


G2 Zoo trip

On Wednesday our 2nd graders went to a ZOO as part of their Science work about animals.

The students participated in a scavenger hunt so they could practice their map skills and apply their knowledge of animal habitats, classification, adaptations, etc.


It looks like they had a lot of fun and made many observations about animals. Thank you to Miss Sarah for organizing it and especially our parent volunteers Ms. Awhuru, Ms. Chandran, Ms. Muthukumar, and Ms. Rana who came along to help out!


G4 Makin’ Pizza

4th graders learned about physical and chemical changes of matter in science. Can there be a better way of observing them than by making a pizza?



TEDxYouth @ IAS

The TEDxYouth @ IAS event was a great success with our students exhibiting well-prepared and professional presentations. This was the culmination of more than one year of work and will inspire our next cohort TEDxYouth leaders!


While the full recording will be published at a later date, check out some of the photos below for now.


Important upcoming dates

27th April – 26th May: M23 IB & HSDP Exam session

8th – 9th June: Corpus Christi holiday (School closed)

22nd June: Closing ceremony



Please Update your information:


Dear parents & students, if you have changed your address, e-mail address or telephone numbers, please let the office know so that we can update our database to improve communication with you.


Thank you,
IAS Administration



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